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Monday, June 22, 2009

How can I use BSI ComplianceFactory™ in my business?

bulleted list dot Support coverage for U.S. federal, state, possession and local tax jurisdictions

bulleted list dot Eliminate the burden of tracking compliance rules, filing methods, reports, payment methods and media types

bulleted list dot Integrate with any financial system (payroll, accounts payable, general ledger, etc.)

bulleted list dot Increase productivity and reduces overall costs

bulleted list dot Ensure compliance with payment and filing regulations

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The ComplianceFactory "Process"

While maintaining tax compliance is not your core business function, it is a necessary task that all companies must perform. To streamline the process and avoid costly penalties, resources must be appropriately allocated.

BSI understands this employer challenge and offers a powerful tool to simplify payroll tax compliance management. The ingenuity of our solution minimizes the burden of maintaining compliance and is the best solution available on the market today. The system is highly automated and contains user alerts, embedded security, scheduling, a viewing facility, automated corrections and specialized tools for volume processing.

What is the advantage of BSI ComplianceFactory™?

The key differentiator of BSI ComplianceFactory™ is “Process”. The system is able to discern all that is needed to generate and remit payments to each authority, as well as generate, produce, and file the actual authority-specific reports without requiring any data manipulation.

What are some key features?
# Supports various Payment Methods
# Quarterly Filing in various formats, with high-volume processing tools for service providers
# Year-end coverage includes W-2, 1099 & W-2C Filing
# Payment History is available with multiple views: by authority, company and advanced filtering
# Printed Report Formats strictly adhere to authority guidelines

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to BSI ComplianceFactory

ComplianceFactory™ is an integrated US tax deposits/payments, tax filing/reporting and 1099 reporting management product for browser-based and client/server environments.

ComplianceFactory offers a complete Browser-Based or Client/Server based solution that provides the power and flexibility of an open system, user-driven computing environment. This solution employs a repository-driven, object-based architecture that has three tiers:

  • graphical user interface (GUI)
  • application
  • database

The Browser-Based GUI is written in Java, HTML, XML and the Client/Server GUI is written in C++, and the application in C, allowing the application to be incorporated in virtually any Browser-Based or Client/Server based payroll.

ComplianceFactory may be licensed either directly from BSI or through a partnering software firm. If the product is licensed directly, it must be interfaced with your payroll system. (If licensed from a partnering software firm, this is not required.) In order to interface the product quickly and easily, a single API (Application Program Interface) is supplied by BSI. Since everything is provided, all that's left to do is to assign the payroll, etc, data to the appropriate API structure and the ComplianceFactory is ready to process.

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